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Welcome to ICNAS 2013

The first conference ICNAS 2013 is a scientific event that brings together scientific expertise on several areas of scientific research. In fact, the areas of interest ICNAS 2013 are valid with a cross between different research themes. Through this conference, the scientific frontiers are pushed and multidisciplinary investigations allow researchers and young researchers to propose their ideas and contributions. The conference deals with topics relating to networking, management and systems that revolve around this technology. The systems are advanced systems by their design, implementation and applications.
  ICNAS 2013 invites authors to submit articles with problems and contributions leading to well-defined results. Please refer to the Call For Papers for more details.


- April 15 , submission for ICNAS 2013 is now closed.

- April 28, Good News ! The papers accepted and presented in ICNAS 2013 will be published in the conference proceedings under ISBN number: 978-9931-9142-0-4 .

- May 13 , registration for ICNAS 2013 is now open. Please refer to the Registration for more details.

- May 26, ICNAS 2013 will take place at "AMPHI THEATRE GUELLATI" , Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University (Campus Sidi amar) from June 19 to 20, 2013. Please refer to Conference Venue for more details.

- May 29, Good News ! We are pleased to inform you that the accommodation at "Hôtel Rym El-Djamil " is provided for 18th and 19th June 2013.

- June 11, Good News ! The Conference Dinner will take place at "Hôtel Rym El-Djamil " on June 19 at 20h. Please refer to Conference Dinner for more details.

- June 17, News ! Conference program updated . (download)

Photos during the conference ICNAS 2013
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